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Our themed backdrop rentals are great for theatre productions, dance events and corporate events. Bring a cultural and worldly flavor to your next event or show by using DreamWorlds themed backdrop rentals.

New! All backdrops are either airbrushed or hand painted by talented artists. Our backdrop is available in different sizes 10 ft or 20ft high and 10ft, 20ft, 30ft or 40ft wide. The backdrops are painted on a light weight cotton fabric and have ties at the top of the backdrop. The backdrops are fire retarded and are easy to hang using pipe and base. We ship door to door to offices and homes around North American and Worldwide.

Our prices are competitive and our backdrops are available for rental or purchase. We can custom paint or digitally produce backdrop images supplied by clients.

We offer 24/7 service and quotes and our staff is efficient and courteous.

USA Backdrop Rentals

USA Backdrop Rentals

39 backdrops

Italy Backdrop Rentals

Italy Backdrop Rentals

34 backdrops

Castles - Medieval - Fantasy Backdrop Rentals

Medieval - Fantasy

48 backdrops

Art Deco Theme Backdrop Rentals

Art Deco

20 backdrops

Western Backdrop Rentals


9 backdrops

Twenties Scenic Backdrop Rentals


14 backdrops

Treasure Island Theme Backdrop Rentals

Treasure Island

14 backdrops

Millennium Scene Backdrop Rentals


19 backdrops

Fifties Theme Backdrop Rentals


16 backdrops

Beach - Sunset Sceme Backdrop Rentals

Beach - Sunset

28 backdrops

Street Scene Backdrop Rentals

Street Scene

51 backdrops

Library Scene Backdrop Rentals


5 backdrops

Space Theme Backdrop Rentals


24 backdrops

Sky Theme Backdrop Rentals


57 backdrops

Winter Wonderland Scenic Backdrop Rentals

Winter Wonderland

38 backdrops

Underwater Backdrop Rentals


38 backdrops

Jungle Backdrop Rentals


31 backdrops

Gardens Backdrop Rentals


45 backdrops

Forest - Landscapes Backdrop Rentals

Forest - Landscapes

44 backdrops

Sports Backdrop Rentals


41 backdrops

Carnival - Mardis Gras Theme Backdrop Rentals

Carnival - Mardis Gras

29 backdrops

Music Theme Backdrop Rentals


55 backdrops

Dance Scene Backdrop Rentals


88 backdrops

Circus - Magic Backdrop Rentals

Circus - Magic

50 backdrops

Food Theme scenic Backdrops


25 backdrops